I am a  music obsessive. I’ve been a DJ, producer and musician for as long as I can remember. By day I work in HR (yes, Human Resources!) and somehow the two things have become intertwined in my online life… so this being my website they are linked here too.

If it’s HR stuff you’re after, the HR blogs page will link you to my posts about HR and other business-related stuff. Some are serious, some aren’t – they are the collected musings of someone with almost 20 years of working in various HR jobs. I’ve also co-written a number of books with the awesome Gemma Dale – like this one on Amazon here.

Tim and Gem Book promo

The music pages of this site (see the various links across the top) bring together lots of music I like or I’ve worked on for you to listen to and/or download – mainly podcasts, DJ mixes, re-edits/remixes and my original tracks. If you like your music genres blurred and mixed together, you’re in the right place – although there’s a core of jazz, funk, house, hip hop, soul and drum ‘n’ bass running through everything. There’s a fair bit of “back catalogue” but I’m still recording new podcasts and mixtapes (in particular my ongoing No Holds Barred series – the latest of which you can listen to below) whenever time allows so keep checking back to hear more.

Hope you find something you like, whether you’re here for music, HR or both!