I am a music obsessive: I’ve loved music as a listener, DJ, producer and musician for as long as I can remember.

The various pages of this┬ásite (see the links across the top) bring together lots of music I like or I’ve worked on for you to listen to and/or download – mainly podcasts, DJ mixes, re-edits/remixes and my original tracks. If you like your music genres blurred and mixed together, you’re in the right place – although there’s a core of jazz, funk, house, hip hop, soul and drum ‘n’ bass running through everything.┬áThere’s a fair bit of “back catalogue” mixes which are hosted on Mixcloud, and I’m still recording the occasional new mixtape (in particular my ongoing No Holds Barred series – the latest of which you can listen to below) whenever time allows – never as frequently as I’d like – so keep checking back to hear more.

Hope you find something you like!