My Music

As I was DJing more and more, I found myself wanting to make my own tracks. I had a long tradition of messing around with guitars and 4-track tape recorders – my Fostex X-28H was my pride and joy – but at school we’d had an early version of Cubase and so I started dabbling in computer music production… I figure any man has to have at least one or two expensive and time consuming hobbies and this was definitely mine! Anyway, after a fair bit of ‘woodshedding’ I got to grips with the basics of making beats. Some of them have been released over the last few years on a variety of labels including Universal Vibes, Jus’ Listen, Blue City Recordings and Sick Trumpet.

Here are a few to listen to – both originals and a couple of re-edits/remixes: hope you enjoy!

Original tracks, reedits etc by 2types