Horizons – the classic DnB era – July 2012

I wanted to give my newly revamped home DJing set up a good test drive so the plan was to do a mix in one style for a change… but which style? I’d just been listening back to an old tape from the mid-90s and marvelling at how fresh the drum n’ bass still sounded so I grabbed a good few handfuls of vinyl, booted up the laptop and got to work. In the end, I hardly touched the laptop – the vast majority of this mix is straight from vinyl and it has been a long time since I could say that. Yes, it’s a bit nostalgic, but there are a good few mighty tracks here and hopefully at least one or two you might not have come across before. I had so much fun digging in the crates – I literally had a massive grin on my face most of the way through recording this – so I thought I’d share it with you and hope you enjoy it too.

Horizons by 2types on Mixcloud

1. Into the 90s – Photek [Metalheadz]
2. 125th Street – Ed Solo v Click n Cycle [Emotif]
3. Pulp Fiction – Alex Reece [Metalheadz]
4. Feel the Sunshine – Alex Reece [Island]
5. Motions (VIP Mix) – Intense [Way Out]
6. One & Only – PFM [Lookin’ Good Records]
7. Blue Sky – Sub 13 [Dread]
8. The Wedge – Hidden Agenda [Metalheadz]
9. Atmospheric Funk – Wax Doctor [Talkin’ Loud]
10. Shaolin Beatbox – Divine Hstlers [Sirkus]
11. Share the Fall (Grooverider’s Jeep Style Mix) – Roni Size [Mercury]
12. The Helicopter Tune – Deep Blue [Moving Shadow]
13. Circles (Roni Size Mix) – Adam F [F-Jams]
14. Horizons – LTJ Bukem [Good Looking Records]
15. Inner City Life – Goldie [ffrr]
16. Maintain – DJ Krust [V Recordings]
17. Miles From Home – Peshay [Mo’ Wax]
18. Total Control – Foul Play [Moving Shadow]
19. Retro – E-Z Rollers [Moving Shadow]