DJ Mixes

On this page I’ve uploaded a few of my DJ mixes from the archives spanning from 2002 to the present-ish day. They mainly date from the time we used to record and hand out mix CDs to promote our DJing… the music still sounds great even if technology has moved on a long way!

Most are stored on Mixcloud – – an excellent site that is packed with DJ mixes and podcasts and has an app available for your chosen mobile device too. Enjoy!

I’ve also just added what amounts to my first ever music blog – 7 days of tunes.

The WinterSun Mix

The complete opposite of a “live” DJ mix, this was selected, mixed and “recorded” by the pool on holiday in Lanzarote in 2009. I was messing about with a piece of software called Ableton Live, found a load of mp3s on the laptop’s hard drive and a challenge was born – create a DJ mix… I never really got into using Live for DJing but I am still quite proud of this one off and I had a LOT of fun putting it together. Hope you enjoy.

Winter Sun Mixtape by 2types on Mixcloud

Nu Northern Soul All Stars Mix

I was pleased to be asked to upload a mix for the excellent Nu Northern Soul crew back in November 2013. I wanted to create something a little bit different to my usual mix of styles so I went for a more disco/house-based selection. Hope you enjoy!

Nu Northern Soul Mix by 2types on Mixcloud

Reference Point

It was 2002 and I had just been re-inspired to start DJing again after a couple of years away. I decided to document the stuff that I’d been listening to and playing in my sets up to that point by recording a mix that included as many of my key influences as I could – partially inspired by Coldcut’s epic “70 Minutes of Madness” JDJ mix I guess. The result is this: 37 tracks inside 70 minutes. It wasn’t done live in one take – I used a basic wave editor to chop up several mixes and stitch them together, and also to drop in the movie/TV samples. The actual mixes were done on one KAM deck, one Soundlab deck and a basic “Made2Fade” mixer though!

There’s a tale I could tell behind every tune here but from Stevie to Photek, Led Zep to Herbie Hancock, Leftfield to Ananda Shankar via a VERY early one of mine (recorded on 4-track tape in my teenaged bedroom!) – if you like your dots joined, have a go with this!

Reference Point by 2types on Mixcloud

The Stanton Warrior

It was November 2009 when I read the news that one of the most innovative and individual producers to come out of the scene that I hesitantly call “broken beat” (for convenience) was calling it a day. He wrote an online message that dripped with disillusionment as he called time on his entire music career. It made quite an impression on me as someone who had been strongly influenced by Domu’s style. And he did indeed disappear off the radar for several years – only re-emerging quite recently. Which reminded me of this mix which the news of his retirement provoked me to make at the time. It’s by no means a “best of” or a definitive collection – just a bunch of tracks he produced or remixed that I really like assembled in an order that made sense to me. A bit of a tribute to Dominic Stanton aka Domu, Umod, Sonar Circle and many more besides – a guy who inspired me.

The Stanton Warrior by 2types on Mixcloud

 Some more mixes from the archive…

Tweed by 2types on Mixcloud

Carvery Clubbing by 2types on Mixcloud

The Woodshedding Mix by 2types on Mixcloud

Two types by 2types on Mixcloud