So, the event known to those of us of a Twitter persuasion as #CIPD14 – but better known by its Sunday name “The CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition” – has come and gone.


I was over the moon to have been asked to blog and tweet in an official capacity this year by the CIPD. I say that first to be completely upfront – it didn’t affect my blogging, I promise (but I am a pretty positive kind of guy most of the time anyway!)…

This page is a “microsite” to bring together all my content before, during and after the event, starting with:

Here comes #CIPD14 (pre-event blog)

Day 1:

Blog 1: the opening keynote – Are we all entrepreneurs now?

Blog 2: Creating impact and revenue through HR

Blog 3: Mentoring young people

Blog 4: Managing change while developing your HR team

Storify of my Tweets from Day 1


Day 2:

Blog 1: Leadership communication

Blog 2: The future of the UK jobs market

Storify of my Tweets from Day 2



Ten Good Things (post-Conference blog)


Other stuff:

A Flickr album of my photos (be warned, some are very random indeed!)