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Many of you will be aware of David D’Souza’s excellent Humane, Resourced “book of blogs” project from last year. You may also be aware that book 2 is currently under development. For those that don’t know, the book was a publishing phenomenon – a crowd sourced compilation of HR blogs by an international and unselected team of writers covering all aspects of business in 2013 pulled together in two months and topping the Amazon business book chart. I was lucky enough to contribute a chapter and I’m looking forwards to doing so for part 2.

However, being me, I didn’t want to do the same thing again. I noticed that Perry Timms had mentioned on Twitter about working with a co-author this time round. I’ve mentioned on several occasions my admiration for and gratitude to Perry for his encouragement and passion for connecting others so I thought that working with him would be a great way of shaking up (dare I say “hacking”?) the format. But, being us, we weren’t happy just to co-author a “standard” blog. And so we’re approaching this slightly differently…*

Given the crowd sourcing ethos of the book, we thought it would be fun/different/interesting/exciting to hand the topics covered by our chapter over to you. Therefore we’re asking you to send us a word – just one word – and Perry and I will both write something in response to that word and, technology allowing, display the results side by side in the final book. I suppose it’s an HR blog equivalent of word association!

In the spirit of how David puts the book together, “one word” is the only requirement – there are no other rules or restrictions. If we have too many words, we’ll find some way of randomly selecting a few. As it’s 2014, there are no end of ways of getting in touch with either Perry or I – email, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog comments, pigeon, smoke signal or message in a bottle but for preference please tweet me @TimScottHR. The invitation is only open for one week – until Sunday 12th January – as we have deadlines to meet!

We’re looking forward to the challenge so please send us your words…


*I should point out that I mean different for us: this approach has been tried, tested and brilliantly executed before in particular by @SimonHeath1 in his blog from last April which you should read (it’s here) if you haven’t already!

8 Comments on “Can we have a word please?

  1. No other comments yet so I’m not sure what kind of word you’re looking for but I’m going to suggest ‘management’ – lots written about leadership, so it would be good to throw management in there too. Hope that’s fits your plan?

  2. Great idea guys! I love it….

    I am filled with ebullience to have the opportunity to provide a word, and so why not go with that?


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